Social Impact

Thriving communities are the foundation of success and future growth for Allstate, and we are in a unique position to support, empower and advocate for people within Allstate’s community circles.

Why We Care

Allstate is a main street company. We live and work in small towns and big cities across the United States and Canada. Our customers are our neighbors. So we naturally want to improve the quality of life for the people and places we know best.

Whether it’s giving domestic violence survivors the tools to gain financial independence, or helping community members retrofit their homes to be more protected against severe storms, we’re dedicated to improving the well-being of everyone whose lives we touch.

What We Do

Since 1952, The Allstate Foundation has supported innovative and lasting solutions that enhance people’s well-being and prosperity. Over this time, the Foundation has invested nearly $300 million in helping communities across the country address key social issues. In 2011, the Allstate Foundation contributed nearly $18 million to support organizations.

Our combined corporate and foundation efforts focus on key areas where we have special expertise and significant resources. These areas include financial empowerment for survivors of domestic abuse, teen safe driving, and natural catastrophe preparedness. Our commitments involve financial support, human resources and capacity building.

We also contribute money and volunteer support to thousands of community programs across the country. And we are a leading corporate citizen in our hometown of Chicago.

How We’re Doing

We’ve helped significantly reduce teen driving deaths in America. We’ve helped thousands of survivors get free and stay free from domestic abuse. We’ve supported community programs with thousands of volunteers, and contributions from agency owners, employees, Allstate and the Allstate Foundation totaling more than $28 million in 2011. We’ve funded major institutions and civic improvements in Chicago.


Looking Forward

In 2012, we will develop a framework for our investments in community programs to ensure that we maximize impact. This will include clearly identified criteria for selection and metrics for measurement.

Key Performance Indicators and Goals