Waste Management
and Recycling

We work to minimize the amount of waste generated by our operations. In 2011, 1,053 tons of waste were hauled away from our Home Office campus. We have extensive programs to recycle as much waste as possible.

Some examples:

  • In 2011, Allstate recycled more than 7.5 million pounds of paper through desk-side recycling and press-waste recycling from our main company print facility.
  • We recycled 5,250 pounds of aluminum cans and 7,895 pounds of PET bottles from our Home Office campus.

In 2011, we replaced our current bottled water service with environmentally friendly water filtration bottle-filling stations. When the installation is complete in 2012, we expect to save $130,000 annually and eliminate thousands of plastic bottles from landfills each year.

To increase awareness of environmentally sustainable habits, each water station is equipped with a ticker that quantifies eliminated plastic waste from landfills. This initiative eliminated the consumption of approximately 637,310 bottles in 2011.

Other recycling programs involve polystyrene, toner cartridges and carpet. We also partner with outside organizations to responsibly dispose of items such as computer hardware, batteries, fluorescent lamps, PCB light ballasts and similar items used at our Home Office campus and other locations.