Corporate Involvement
in Public Policy

Allstate is actively involved in the public policy process at the state and federal levels. We believe that the existence of extensive state-based regulation of insurance, the importance of a fair court system to our customers, and the priority we place on the importance of personal safety and property protection combine to demand that Allstate seek to shape sound public policy.

Board Oversight Policy and Contribution Governance

We believe participating in the development of good public policy and offering ideas and resources in this arena will help our customers protect themselves from life’s uncertainties and prepare them for the future. Allstate maintains a rigorous oversight process for these advocacy efforts. In addition to complying with public disclosure laws at the state and national levels, the company maintains internal guidelines and procedures that govern public advocacy and political activities.

The decision to use corporate resources in the public policy arena is made consistent with the company’s annual operating plan as well as its strategic vision to reinvent protection and retirement for the consumer, and is not based upon the personal views of any individual Board member. The specific deployment of corporate resources is presented formally to the Board each year, and is always guided by the principle of what is best for the business interests of our shareholders, employees, agents, and customers.

With regard to corporate contributions to candidates, our General Counsel and the Senior Vice President-Government Relations/Deputy General Counsel determine which candidates and committees to offer our support, and these contributions are subject to further oversight by the company’s Board of Directors. These resources are devoted to candidates whose views and positions will improve the insurance marketplace for the company, the insurance industry, and the insurance consumer.