Financial Empowerment for Domestic Violence Survivors

Domestic violence affects one in four women during their lifetime. And research shows that finances are the strongest predictor of whether a survivor will stay, leave or return to an abusive relationship. Since 2005, The Allstate Foundation has created resources and helped train staff at nearly 1,150 programs serving more than 100,000 survivors across the country.

In 2011 alone, 80,995 survivors received economic empowerment services through the program. Because of growing interest in our efforts, we have ambitiously revised our goal and are now working to financially empower 500,000 survivors by 2015. From financial literacy to job training to asset building projects, Foundation-funded programs are helping survivors build stable, more secure lives.

“The Allstate Foundation-NNEDV partnership is currently the only national, public-private partnership focused on using innovative financial strategies to end the cycle of violence. Their leadership and commitment has enabled domestic violence programs around the country to implement critical financial empowerment work in their communities.”

Judy Chapa
Vice President, THe Financial Services Roundtable

Key 2011 Activities and Achievements

  • Partnered with the nonprofit National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV) and Rutgers University to lead a national conversation on financial literacy programming for specialized populations, and using financial skills to help break the cycle of violence.
  • Launched a successful campaign around — a website that looks like an online fashion magazine, but is actually a resource with tips and tools to start talking about domestic violence.
  • Made great strides in imparting financial education:
    • 6,732 survivors created a financial plan.
    • 1,953 survivors opened a bank account.
    • 2,819 survivors worked on their credit.
    • 3,959 survivors have met a personal financial goal.
  • Ran successful matched savings and Individual Development Account programs:
    • 727 survivors consistently contributed to matched savings programs.
    • 675 survivors met matched savings program goals.
  • Conducted job readiness/job training programs:
    • 1,963 survivors completed educational courses, job training or certificate programs.
    • 1,269 survivors gained new or better employment.
  • Recognized by national experts for our financial education program that targets a specific audience, as a best practice with true potential to change behavior and help people build better lives.
  • Took a leadership role in Project No More, a national public awareness campaign designed to accelerate support for the violence against women movement.
  • Hosted the 7th annual Domestic Violence Symposium to teach domestic violence counselors from throughout the nation how to educate survivors about life-saving financial skills.

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