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Blue Span's Responsive Design Implementation

With so many platforms available to display your web site, it is imperative that your site appears properly on all of them. Blue Span Responsive design implementations allow just that.

Once a site is designed for its different targeted screen sizes it is then coded to respond to those targeted screen sizes. This method allows for one site to be programed that adapts itself to different devices display size.

Previous methods the main site senses platform it is to be rendered on (i.e. computer or mobile device) and directs the user to either dedicated site for either platform. On the other hand a responsive Design implementation has only one site and it adjusts to the platform.

Benefits include

  • Only one site to update
  • Lower hosting costs
  • Reduces need to costly platform dependent application. i.e. separate iOS and Andriod apps
  • Better usability for everyone

Below is an example of Responsive Design implementation

On the left is how the site is rendered on a full-sized browser window. On the right is the same site on an Android device

Allstate 2011 Corporate Responsibility Report