Blue Span Associates Inc - Customer Case Studies

Case Studies

Here are some of our customer stories

Blue Span has developed a diverse set of solutions for a diverse set of clients.

4th Generation Systems (

4th Generation Systems, prior to Blue Span's involvement, was an "on premise" sales training company. 4th Generation would engage their clients by developing customized  hard copy training materials and present them in person at their customers' locations. Typically, this type of engagement limits the amount of customers 4th Generation Systems could service and thus limiting revenues. Moreover, 4th Generation value was not just the materials but in their highly energetic presentation manner, which not only trained but motivated the sales staff to use their new found knowledge in the workplace.

4th Generation Systems contracted Blue Span Associates to investigate how the internet could bring value to their clients and in turn their business. After investigating their business model and value proposition, we assisted the customer in developing a strategy to leverage the internet to create greater value to their business.

Blue Span designed and developed a solution the brought 4th Generation's experience to their clients in a manner that still preserved the excitement which 4th Generation Systems was noted for. 

The Solution Included

  • Multimedia E-Learning Platform 
  • Participants Performance Reports
  • The ability to create multiple groups with customized contents and features
  • The ability to create unlimited course and testing materials
  • Group collaboration tools
  • Document management

Since the site's launch back in April 2004 - 4th Generation System has successfully changed its business proposition, increased the number of clients that can be served and has created greater value for its clients by not only providing targeted training material but by creating virtual collaboration groups.  

Emagine Sales

Blue Span Associates consulted with Emagine Sales to investigate how the internet could improve their business model. Emagine Sales is a promotional goods supplier. Today, the promotional goods business has been commoditized and is becoming difficult to compete on value-add basis, rather price and has been the main deciding factor with the purchase.

After brainstorming with the client, we decided that Emagine Sales would bring value to their clients by being able tailor custom branded catalogs by which customers can order products explicitly customized  for them. These customers then inform their workforce and/or their clients to where the catalog could be found and the id and passwords needed to enter the clients private branded online catalog. Emagine Sales ability to further understand and cater to their customer needs has grown its customer base, retention levels and margins.

Power Construction

Power Construction is a mid size construction company with employees in many remote locations which made the employee appraisal process tedious and time consuming. Power looked for an internet based solution. They look at several box solutions but never found anything that really fit their indept process. Power Construction approached Blue Span Associates to develop a solution that would exactly fit their needs. Blue Span developed a flexible solution that fit their current and future needs. After the first appraisal cycle, Power performed a survey and received overwhelming positive feedback on how well the system worked. After 3 years Power continues to utilize the solution. 

Ribbon and Bows Oh My (

Ribbon and Bows sells large assortment of ribbons and accessories exclusively on the internet. Before engaging with Blue Span, Ribbon and Bows site was very difficult to manage.. Changing their product offerings on the site was tedious and took away time from running their growing operation. Moreover, at times it was difficult for their clients to find the products of interest. The site was in need of a redesign. Blue Span created a vibrant site which made it easy for users to find products and present them in a very positive and creative manner. The site also includes a highly robust catalog and order administration system. Since the new version of the site was released early in 2006 sales has rose significantly and Ribbon and Bows' operations has been considerably streamlined.


McCormick Tribune Freedom Museum

The McCormick Tribune Freedom Museum is a brick and mortar museum located in the Chicago Tribune Towers 445 Michigan Ave. The Freedom Museum explores the freedoms guaranteed by United State's Constitution's First Amendment. The museum itself is very interactive high tech experience and when considering a web site they wanted a site to track the experience the museum had to offer. Meta4 Design was awarded the project, who in turn approached Blue Span to design a tool that allowed the developers and site owners to update and manage the site. Blue Span Associates INC in turn developed a content management system for this pure flash site.  This tool led to the successful release of this highly interactive site without a multitude of flash developers.